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Work With Judit


‘Personal and Professional Coaching is a powerful relationship and process for women making important changes, who want to proactively improve the quality of their life experiences and relationships and be more effective, fulfilled and satisfied with their work, business and leadership’ 
~ Coach Judit

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Choosing a Life Coach

As you search for a professional life coach, keep in mind that one of the most important factors in deciding who would be the best fit for you is the relationship itself.


For highly effective coaching to take place, there needs to be an environment of confidence, openness, and respect between you and your coach.


During your initial discovery conversation or consultation with your potential candidates, use these questions as guidelines to help you decide whether you have found an excellent one-to-one life coaching fit:


  1. Did you experience an overall ease with the life coach throughout the initial discovery conversation?

  2. Did the life coach aim to understand your situation and were you comfortable sharing your story, aspirations, and concerns?

  3. Did the life coach inspire trust and a genuine connection?

  4. Did the life coach clearly articulate their coaching approach and process and did they effortlessly answer all of your questions?

  5. Did you experience an honest, safe, and non-judgemental connection with the life coach?

  6. Do you believe you can realize the results you are aiming to achieve by partnering with the life coach you consulted with?

If you answered yes to every question, then in all likelihood you have found yourself your life coach.

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