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I spent the first 10 years of my career in the corporate environment of the international franchising industry, starting as a student intern and working up to strategic business development. It was during my tenure there that I began to appreciate the inter-relatedness of personal development, effective leadership, and business success.


As my interest in human potentiality and effectiveness started to blossom, the industry of coaching for personal and professional development was just taking off. Immediately I was captivated by the form, skills, and techniques of coaching individuals toward success in business, work, and life.


For the following ten years, I ran a practice that harmonized coaching with consulting. According to my clients, the results were spectacular. And yet, they were looking for something more than goal setting, action, and results.

About Coach Judit


A Call to Action and Discovery

My clients were beginning to explore the possibility of experiencing personal meaning and fulfillment across all aspects of their lives, including relationships, work, and leadership.

It was a subtle call to action.

Intrigued and inspired, I set out to identify the underlying context—the source of what my clients were aspiring to experience. I explored the wisdom of eastern philosophy, the science of psychology, and the ideas of forward-thought leaders.


I concluded that the conscious interplay of self-knowledge, awareness and agency was the unifying force for authentic meaning, fulfillment, and self-empowerment.


Applying the discoveries I made during my research, I designed numerous coaching tools and processes to assist my clients in accessing their authentic selves and infuse their authenticity into their day-to-day personal and professional experiences.


At the same time, I was evolving my coaching approach to facilitating sustainable transformation.  

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Vessels of Vision

In 1996 I reimagined my coaching focus and launched Vessels of Vision—a transformational self-empowerment coaching and consulting practice.


Inspired by the renewed intention of my work, I created Coaching Continuums—personalized coaching platforms that encourage authentic self-empowerment through the art of appreciative inquiry, reflection, and inner-inspired agency.


Over the years I have had the privilege of coaching executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, practitioners and coaches  with diverse interests and industries in both the private and public sector throughout North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim. 


Today, I am known as a catalyst for transformational change, an innovator in coaching process design, an educator, and a life-long learner focused on the extraordinary power and value of authenticity across all aspects of our lives.

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