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Authenticity Coaching


If I'm So Smart, Why Am I Unhappy, Dissatisfied, Adrift?

Authenticity Coaching is a unique, from the 'inside out' approach that moves you through a process of self-discovery, affirming and harmonizing the fundamental dimensions of your true self in consideration of your specific goals, needs, and desires.


With your renewed self-knowledge, you will have the awareness and agency to instinctively transform your obstacles with clarity and confidence and begin to thrive in your authentic life with meaning and fulfillment.

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Who Benefits

'Multifaceted, highly effective and transformative' are the hallmarks of Authenticity Coaching. It not only encourages you to reframe and eclipse your challenges, it reveals how to authenticize your life and work with purpose, passion and power.

Authenticity Coaching is Ideal for Women Who Are Experiencing the Following Challenges

Life Transitions: You are overwhelmed, confused, and challenged by your expected or unexpected life transition—mid-life reinvention, retirement, post-divorce, empty-nester, re-location, newly married, widowhood, first time parent, shifting relationships, blending families, care-taking parents … 

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Baffling Relationships: You are single and you want to be in a healthy, loving and committed relationship but you are confused about what you want. You don’t know how to revitalize your existing lackluster relationship. You are uncertain if you should end the relationship you are in or give it a second chance. You yearn to be in a relationship but your fears are paralysing you ...    


Career Paralysis: You are uncertain about or stuck in your career and direction. You believe your options are limited. You’re having difficulty seeing the unique value that you bring to your organization. You’re looking for the elusive “something more”. You do not want to make another impulsive career choice and then move on again …


Imposter Syndrome: You have feelings of self-doubt, fear of success, or fear of failure. Your persistent performance anxiety is driving you to self-sabotage. Your thoughts are consumed with over achievement or under achievement. You are excessively self-critical. You are lost in your identity crisis. You are experiencing pervasive stress, anxiety, depression …


Derailed Leadership: You are lacking authentic presence as a leader. You have no clear and achievable vision. You’re having trouble sustaining your focus. Your integrity and accountability are being questioned. Your interpersonal skills are uninspiring. Your energy and enthusiasm for new projects, your business, or your organization are waning. You’re not “walking your talk”. You’re only vaguely aware of how you are affecting your

people …


Disengaged Employee: You feel unappreciated, underutilized, micro-managed, or pigeonholed. You consistently feel stressed, exhausted, and isolated. You are more often reactive than proactive at work. You’re unhappy, bored or dissatisfied. You lack initiative, passion, or commitment …


Entrepreneurial Anxiety: You want to establish a new business but you aren’t certain if you have the creative intelligence of a successful entrepreneur. You are struggling with clarity, right intention and self-trust to either start your business or to grow  your enterprise. You wonder whether you have the entrepreneurial mindset required to successfully launch, build, and grow your enterprise or practice. You are seeking to align your business to your core purpose, passion and talents  …


Authenticity Coaching Outcomes

The holy grail that enhances our capacity to positively influence how we experience and relate to ourselves, others, our endeavours, and everyday situations is authenticity. The qualities and experience of being authentic are unique to every individual however, that being said, here are some universal commonalities:

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  • Deepened connection to the five dimensions of the Authentic Self, including purpose, passion, power, perspective and possibilities

  • Strengthened self-esteem and confidence

  • Clarified core values and beliefs

  • Identified natural abilities, signature strengths and skills

  • Enriched emotional fluency

  • Enhanced resilience

  • Improved mental health and psychological well being

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  • Consciously living life in and from your core purpose and passion

  • Influencing personal thoughts and behaviour

  • Recalibrating unhealthy conditioning and expectations

  • Practicing a growth mindset and fine-tuning coping skills

  • Managing vulnerabilities, shortcomings and limitations 

  • Processing negative emotions effectively

  • Relating with genuine appreciation, respect and openness

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Inner-Inspired Agency
  • Owning and championing your values, beliefs and choices

  • Tapping into your creative intelligence to turn challenges around, solve problems and establish new platforms for success

  • Aligning actions and behaviour with value-based goals

  • Deliberate decision making and follow-through

  • Initiating and directing actions towards the achievement of aspirations and goals

  • Confidently moving in the direction of your highest vision of what is possible across all aspects of our life

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Enriched Quality of Life and Work Experiences
  • Thriving in a more vibrant, self-appreciative and successful lifestyle

  • Engaged in healthy relationships 

  • Immersed in a meaningful and fulfilling career or business

  • Leading others with newfound vision, focus and interpersonal savvy

Being authentic is not a destination, but an ongoing journey of continuously deepening self-knowledge, awareness, and personal agency in your day-to-day experiences.


Authenticity Coaching gives you the tools and capacity to continue this journey in your daily practice of living, relating, and working authentically.

Format and Fee

Coaching takes place in person, virtually via video, or phone.


Authenticity Coaching Fee: $3,000.00 - 12 weeks   

(In consideration of your specific goals, needs, and desires, I customize the coaching content of your Authenticity Coaching to meet your expected outcomes and timeline).


Payable by e-transfer or cheque.

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The AUTHENTICITY Coaching Process


The Authenticity Coaching process involves personal reflection, identifying key insights, imagining different scenarios, releasing ineffective beliefs and behaviour, addressing current issues, and experimentation with new self-knowledge, awareness, and agency, within a collaborative coaching environment with Coach Judit.

Authenticity Coaching Includes 


  • A workbook of in-depth, appreciative inquiries and activities that encourage you to become more conscious of the essential five dimensions of your authentic self, to articulate the direction of your authentic life and professional endeavors, and to execute your authenticity plan in a timely manner.

  • Weekly or bi-weekly one-on-one coaching to discuss emerging insights, address present-day experiences and challenges and to hold you accountable for taking the steps towards realizing your vision and commitments. 

  • Impromptu 15-minute contact in between coaching sessions (by email, phone or Zoom) on an as-needed basis for clarification, adjustments, and to address unexpected challenges.

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