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Power Hour


If I'm So Smart,

Why Am I

Stuck, Overwhelmed, Indecisive?

Power Hour is a personalized coaching process designed to help you turn around challenges, uncover new opportunities, and achieve specific outcomes with clarity, confidence and direction.


This 90-minute, one-on-one coaching process—

known as the Turnaround Model™—will give you the means to:

  • transform your mindset from being challenged to being proactive,

  • discern what you genuinely want to experience,

  • determine the best way forward,

  • take the first few steps towards realizing your goals and aspirations.

Stressed Woman
Successful excited working woman raised arm with happy at work in front of computer monito

Who It Empowers

Power Hour is ideal for women who are experiencing one or more of these challenges in their personal life or professional domain:

  • feeling persistently overwhelmed, confused, or anxious about something or someone,

  • facing a disruptive or unpleasant situation that needs to be resolved quickly,

  • unsuccessful at improving a specific situation,

  • feeling defeated by an emotionally draining issue,

  • procrastinating, stalling or feeling stuck,

  • at a crossroads, out of options, or frozen with uncertainty and indecisiveness,

  • uncertain about how to move forward,

  • experiencing personal issues impacting on professional effectiveness and performance,

  • experiencing professional issues impacting on personal life and relationships.


Power Hour is also ideal for anyone who is exploring the power of coaching with coach Judit while transforming an unpleasant situation into a golden opportunity.


Once you have been coached on the Turnaround Model™, you will be able to use this self-empowerment tool to consistently support you in creating a new, more satisfying and fulfilling experience, outcome or result.

Format and Fee

Coaching takes place virtually via video or by phone

Fee: $125.00 - $250.00 (e-Transfer)

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